The Broken Machine / Press

“This is my kinda Bluesy Rock; driving bassline, great atmosphere & feel, raw character vocals, passion and heart: truly brilliant, I'll be back :)”

“From the opening notes of Misery, Poverty and War, it is clear this is a band that has a political stance. Propelled by the straight, brisk swing of drummer Artur Olczyk. Misery, Poverty and War is also grimly perfect for this election season. Christopher David growls and sneers through a more violent political song 'In the cold light of day they'll take it all away' Peppered with John Taylor's short riffs of lead guitar and Marthinus Van Der Merwe slapping on the bass the song makes me sit back and imagine how harsh the world could be at times. “Misery, Poverty and War” is an excellent break from the norm.”

“Chris D and The Broken Machine is a blues-rock based band, made-up of members, Marthinus Van Der Merwe from South Africa on bass, drummer Artur Olcyzk from Poland, John Taylor on lead guitar, and naturally founder-member, Christopher David, on vocals, and keyboards. The music on the single is well-crafted. Christopher David’s bittersweet voice lends itself perfectly to the rather serious lyrical content handled here. Throughout he keeps his vocal delivery straight and simple though, allowing the lyrics to hit nerve after raw nerve, and remain memorable. John Taylor puts the cherry on top, about 2:20 into the song, with a poignantly executed and fiery wah-wah-infused lead solo, while the rhythm section of Marthinus Van Der Merwe and Artur Olcyzk drive the broiling back-beat, effortlessly, all the way through. This, ladies and gentleman, is rock n’ roll. Pure and simple. No electronic razzmatazz. No eye make-up. Just no-nonsense rock n’ roll. ”

““Misery, Poverty and War” Great job.. loved this .. i was in awe listening to the well written song and watching the video.. it was entrancing. The song sooo fits the Music.. great job getting your message across. This is reality.”

"Misery, Poverty and War" by Chris D and The Broken Machine is a bluesy-rock tune that taps into raw Occupy-esque anti-The Man sociopolitical sentiments with simple yet emotive lyrics. A relatively new band of international talents, each band member brings to the table their separate trials and experiences through music. The video showcases different clips embodying misery, poverty and war, making clear the fact that, though we try our hardest to secure things for ourselves, an unseen "They" continues to try and keep "Us" in those three deplorable states.