The Brixton Riot / Press

“... With both guitars blazing, they roared through a tight set, one catchy song after another...”

“...pop-smart 70's power-pop/ jangley, indie, garagish rockers that write distinctive melodies without selling themselves out... Hooky bits of pop punk (the good stuff) run rampant through all the tunes...”

Jersey Beat

“Each song on this EP is a gem...I can't wait for the full length.”


“...reminiscent of The Replacements and fellow Jerseyites The Smithereens... Really good stuff, and here's looking forward to a full-length.”


“...These guys LOVE their record collections and this EP is not just promising, it's quality is already *there*. VERY Highly Recommended”

Not Lame

“...a perfect mixture of the guts n' determination of The Jam (or The Clash) mixed with the vulnerability of say, The Replacements...can't wait for the full-length!”

“...melding jangly rock and a little bit of country influence, with nods to later-era Replacements, Buffalo Tom, the Lemonheads and Teenage Fanclub...a band I'd like to hear more from again soon!”

"I doubt you’ll be disappointed with what The Brixton Riot deliver. "