The Brian Bateman Blend / Press

“We love the Blend. They have nice rhythm, but most of all we can hear and understand the words. We can hardly wait for the CD. The Blend already has a following here. Keep up the good work. Love It all.”

Floyd and Louise - Puyallup, Washington

“loving the deep meaning behind every song”

Bonnie - Alabama

“The Blend can take my worst days and turn them into my best days!”

Brandi - Clearwater, FL

“I've known you since we were kids and love all your music.”

Leah - Mountain Home, ID

“pour a glass of wine and enjoy a moment of chillin listening to those amazing vocals and harmonies.....”

Athena - Ohio

“i've spent most of my morning so far easing my hangover with your music. its working - i think”

Lance - Rochester, MN

"There’s post-punk-pop On every station... So I focused my attention On a long vacation... Play guitar that rocks the nation... In my head ..." What more can be said?

ta - Meridian, Idaho

"touched my soul and touched my heart"

Shawna Mosley - Montgomery, AL

"It's sad, it's upbeat, it's Johnny Cash, and it's Creedence Clearwater Revival, all at the same time!

Dave - Barstow, CA