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“Hot topic amongest RockLand is that the Brendo Band will be closer to be compleating their new album "Terrible" this saturday. So put the money in the tip jar outside the studio please, they have been working feverisly on their new live album for 2 years now, but the tip jar still has only $.24 cents in it sorry for the big delay but it is what it is..”

"Rumor Has It One Of The Worlds Darkest Bandmember`s have been in the studio for 1 1/2 years and (Just4Fun) The Music to Follow SOON...........

Johnny The Pie Piper - Band World

“Rumor Has It One Of The Worlds Most Accomplished Drummers Brendo Might be making a special appearance at Brendo`s next studio rehearsal. Update coming… If he wouldn`t have got me hooked them dam Monster energy drinks, I might be working a regular job now.”

Author : Johnny The Pied Piper - Band World

"Best Band in "MY Rock World" "Best Band In La Mirada & Beyond" Terrible (Keith Richards) Terry Who would have thought, he was only a legend in his own mind....... MTFBWY

Kieth (one tooth) Richard`s. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... - My Band Planet