The Brand New Life / Press

"Bet you can't stay all night without the ceiling spinning like color wheels."

The Independent Weekly

". . .a confluence of African and European music traditions with funky instrumental rhythms and occasional psychedelic overtures. Jungle calls and trills combined with indecipherable words and indefinable instruments spell adventure."

Carole Perkins - Go-Triad

"Greensboro's Brand New Life bends dub, Afrobeat and calypso—really, any music with which you'd score a party—through a prism."

Grayson Currin - The Independent Weekly

". . .eye opening lyrics (literally) and a dose of worldly pizazz. . ."

Lauren K. Ohnesorge - The Mountain Times

"Your best bet may be eight-piece party pack THE BRAND NEW LIFE, whose intoxicating, horn-led exultations take a kaleidoscopic view of jazz dosed with Afrobeat and other world influences."

The Independent Weekly

". . .an eight-man juggernaut of polyrhythm and brass. . ."

Ryan Snyder - YES! Weekly