The Branded / Press

“There isn't a bad track, I honestly dig them ALL!" - commenting on THE BRANDED'S debut album, 'NO MERCY'”

Jade Star - Broadcast Asylum

“That's some of the coolest Sh*t I have seen in a long time!”

Stephen Richards - Singer of Taproot

“Check out our interview on fearlessradio.com: http://www.fearlessradio.com/cms/index.php/NMB-Podcasts.html 4.30 interview”

“...their entire set, complete with video accompaniment [is] awesome and hilarious...to see a rock band pull this off is a testament to the dedication they all share.”

“These four hometown, rock and roll heroes have come together to create their own vision and sound...sure to rock your socks off.”

“This [is] a wham-BAM-please-may-I-have-another [rock band]... -Southside”