The B Players / Press

“You guys are awesome. Really like the music.”

Donna H.

“Ate here last night. Food was excellent. My waiter Caleb rocked! And the band - the BPlayers! Wow. They were awesome! I will definitely come back when they are playing.”

“It was a blast!”

Justine S.

“I'm now their #1 fan! I will be able to say I knew them when...You guys ROCK!!”

Wendy G.

“You guys blew me away!”

Stacey B.

“Yes! You are listening to 3rd rate musicians while we listen to the best of the best! with The B Players at PUBlic House Temecula.”

Robert Y.

“You guys rock!!”

Chris C.

“You guys were fantastic, as usual! We had a good time!”

Diane J