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“Health is the new drug, according to the Boxing Lesson. Lest you think this title to their new-ish single means acoustic noodling and kumbayas, the Austin band is determined to offer a different kind of “cleanse,” one of the psych-rock variety. Thursday night they’re topping a bill at the ND that offers three widely different takes on the classic ‘60s/’70s subgenre. The Boxing Lesson traces its roots to L.A., where the group formed around frontman Paul Waclawsky in 2002. Despite lineup changes, drug arrests, and a move to Austin, the group has remained largely consistent, with each release offering up a new slab of psych to digest. Last summer’s Muerta EP might be the trio’s best effort yet, relying more on the spaciness of Pink Floyd and a range of synthesizers, but there’s no denying the inherent power of the power trio. “Health Is The New Drug” has already been hailed by Houston Press as the best song of the year, despite only being released in February.”

“The Boxing Lesson, an Austin-based power trio fueled by fuzzed out guitar tones and heavy, droning synth work, produces a remarkably huge sound that doesn’t leave the listener wanting anything but a space Cadillac from which to blare more of their monstrous, dreamy jams...(more at link) ”

“Yeah man! it's nice to hear some Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" / "The Wall" era influences every now and then - it's kind of rare. I bet you a ton of people out there had love affairs with those records, although now they'll deny it... Admittedly, in our teens we were obsessed with them. But when we went back in the band's discography and heard Syd Barret... it kind of changed our lives. However, Austin, TX psychedelic space rock band The Boxing Lesson carry obvious Pink Floyd influences from the Roger Waters dominance period. They premiered the first video from their new Muerta EP today. The intense, apocalyptic clip depicts singers and a variety of debris slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, set to the song's dark, sweeping lament.”

“A Cluster 1 Premiere! “Muerta” means “dead” in Spanish, so it’s only appropriate that Jonathan London and Will Kistler’s video for The Boxing Lesson’s track would reflect that. We’re treated to a morbid and strangely beautiful first person experience of a deep sea drowning. Lead singer Paul Waclawsky’s body drifts into the deep along with wreckage from a crashed vessel. There’s a strange calm about him as he accepts his fate and sings “Muerta” as he slowly loses breath and becomes surrounded by the luminescent fish of the trenches. “Muerta” is from the Muerta EP Directed by: Jonathan London and Will Kistler Shot by: Matt Sanchez Produced by: Georg Kallert and Jonathan London Visual effects and post-production by: Will Kistler”

“READ FULL REVIEW AT VIVOGIG Well, the Boxing Lesson nails it on “Muerta.” Pink Floyd (‘natch) influences the music but there is more to their sound than a Floyd fixation. Elements of M83, the “Northern Soul”-period of the Verve, and the adventurousness of Ponytail all are present here. The effects-laden guitar weaves in and out of the soaring Moog parts, creating a sonic landscape that draws the listener in from the first sound. The Boxing Lesson’s “Muerta” has to be in my Top 10 for the year. There is just nothing like it out there, because this lot is doing it well and damn near everyone else is not. GET THIS NOW. Do not hesitate, lest you be lost amongst the dreck of Lady Gaga and her indomitable marketing empire. I am serious – this album is weird and y’all need to get weird, whether you know it or not.”