The Bowery Riots / Press

"Justin Dean Thomas, Fashion Week NYC."

"The perfect summer swing of the British Invasion, with just a touch of the Dandy Warhols thrown in. I always wonder what Phil Spector would have done with the Riots if he had the chance."

“Original Bowery Riots vocalist Maluca Mala's interview with the NY Times”

“TJ's interview with Abbey Braden of Virgin Mobile Radio”

“The Bowery Riots play Mercury Lounge, The Daily News”

“Brian Newman- Bowery Riots original horn player. Playing with Lady Gaga on the Today show Day.”

“Lauren Zalesky interviewed the Bowery Riots Justin Dean Thomas for this issue”

“my favorite LPs and EPs from this (almost) past year. Disagree if you must, but be gentle.... My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges Q-Tip, The Renaissance The Heavy, Great Vengeance and Furious Fire The Bowery Riots, The Bowery Riots EP Grand Analog, Calligraffiti Little Joy, Little Joy This Is Ivy League, This Is Ivy League The Broken West, Now Or Heaven Raphael Saadiq, The Way I See It The Stills, Oceans Will Rise Quiet Village, Silent Movie Pacific!, Reveries Black Milk, Tronic Glasvegas, Glasvegas”

“There is a great band who are playing a set in the store. They are called The Bowery Riots and are well worth checking out. ”

"To listen to The Bowery Riots is to take a sip from the cup of raw energy. To see them on stage is to take a drink of the same brew, but this time not from a cup but from a fire hose."

"The Bowery Riots don’t sound like a New York band, or a four-square rock band, and their songs are pruned to appear one way and sound like another. Their call-and-response choruses are magnetic. One day, I’ll shake their hands."