The Borden Asylum / Press

"really rich and elegant music you're crafting here..love the lyrical depth and vocal style..would love to hear them expanded into fuller arrangements as they're such intriguing songs. Really enjoyed "laid in and drowned out"!!"

MikeWhitePresents - RN Artist

“("Laid In and Drowned Out").."such a beautiful song. Andrew...you are an amazing artist. You really know how to hit the heart with love and music."”

Delaney Simpson - RVBN Artist

“Great writer, and not in Nashville?"”

Lin Roll - RN Artist

"I can always tell when I'm at one of my favorite places (like here)...I have a smile on my face and a whisper in my ear the whole time"

Delaney Simpson - Artist

"beautiful heartfelt lyrics! I felt the emotion-really love, my beautiful loss!!"

Ronda Harp - RN Artist

"You have the reminiscence soul of Leonard Cohen and the heart of Elliott Smith"

Some engineer from a label called AudioConfusion out of AZ