The Bog Hoppers / Press

"Of all the bands that ever opened for us, no band makes me pump my fist like The Bog Hoppers. If this doesn't make you at least tap your foot, you need another shot of whiskey. I SERIOUSLY recommend buying this right now, playing it loud, and hitting the barrel. Have I ever led you astray?" -Robert Brown of Abney Park https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/irish-punk-rock-hippie/id582028633?i=582028662

“Combining the rebellious spirit of punk and the melodic Celtic folk style, Seattle based The Bog Hoppers are gaining fans not just in their hometown but also all over the United States. It is through their awesome recordings and energetic live shows that they are able to win listeners and Boggers as I call them. I admit their track Cod Liver Oil caught me by surprise because I thought the low sound was a didgeridoo until I realized it’s a male voice only sang so low. It’s really worth a listen. I love the fact that their music is lively without being noisy or too intrusive. It has all the right ingredients of a good recording that can be listened to again and again. Instrumentally, I think the band are seasoned and you can really sense the effort they put in every song in their debut album. Learn more about them here: ”

"Your American Irish soul is beautiful and interesting and nice to listen to." -Carmel C

“If you decide to venture into this band's songs, you can be sure you will find something that will capture your attention. I don't have any Irish music related experience, but as soon as the distorted vocals of "Cold Liver Oil", and the instrumentation that follows suit kick in, your brain's already caught up in the music that has barely started. And as if it wasn't enough, the band doesn't limit their music to Irish infused tunes, but they also draw influences from their folk roots; for a taste of this, listen to their second song on their page, "Irish Punk Rock Hippie". Again, your brain will find itself trying to process whatever it is that you are hearing and, despite the fact that this is not your generic type of music, you will be intrigued by it. The vocals are perfectly suited for this kind of music, with a rusty tone that can just transform into a hysteric laugh or a high pitched yell (see "Irish Lassie"), and the instrumentation never strays from the Irish and folk influence.”

“I would like to introduce you all to Seattle Washington’s Bog Hoppers. Trust me when I say, while it is not your Grandmothers Celtic music it will leave you wanting more regardless. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do !! Cheers ~ Phil ”

“ "So driving home tonight I was listening to your CD!! Can I say again how impressed I was. The CD is GREAT! You guys sound fantastic...the quality is excellent!! My fav is "Cod Liver Oil"! Luv Cormac Pope's didge sounds at the beginning!!! Also luv TJs "crazy" screams and howls!!! Thanks for making my commute an easy and relaxing one!!!! :-)" -Krista S”