The Bodarks / Press

"You're showing the courage to do something you believe in as opposed to something that sounds like everything else on the radio."

"This new live record...loving it! I can see why you bring in the crowds, because this music makes you feel good... It appeals to every kind of audience."

“The Bodarks are a kind of string band in the vein of Pokey LaFarge, Old Crow Medicine Show, and The Avett Brothers... And they've really got that sound.”

“The Bodarks of McKinney, Texas, were a beautiful blend of delightful harmonies that had the audience singing along to their songs as if it were their favorite karaoke jam.”

"Combining Western swing, bluegrass and roots Americana, The Bodarks offer a stunning performance. Superb fiddle playing, vocals with layered harmony, and old fashion banjo and mandolin picking produce an unforgettable evening."

“A genre-creating ensemble, no matter how many members, this string band could be known as 'punk-folk' or 'indie-grass.'”

“Great sound... Deep rootsy stuff like ragtime, jug band, and western swing, but mixed with punk and hard rock.”

“The Bodarks are very entertaining... It's a rockin' show.”

"'Uprooted' is a very fine album ...I highly recommend it."

"Great band! Great sound! With a lot of fun hardware."

“Go see their show. You're guaranteed to have a great night.”

“The Bodarks, a genre-creating string band from around the Metroplex, opens their first and self-titled CD appropriately with “Life Americana,” and then adds 12 more songs which prove they have developed their own unique Americana music.”

"Combining western swing, bluegrass and roots Americana,  The Bodarks offered a stunning performance at the Allen Public Library on January 19.  Raving applause echoed through the auditorium at the end of each tune.  Superb fiddle playing, vocals with layered harmony, and ole fashion banjo and mandolin picking produced an unforgettable evening."

"The Bodarks are here to show you exactly how a hootenanny is done and to pull you right up on stage with them."

“They brought a great crowd and got everybody to come out.”

“'Old Muddy Road' is a song that should be on the radio right now.”

“You create your own genre. That's why you are The Bodarks. You crash through every genre.”

“I love the cover of 'Fat Bottomed Girls.' I felt like I was at a hoedown.”

“There's all kinds of cool elements from bluegrass to ragtime... Really connected with the crowd.”

“I love the stripped-down sound... All meat and no filler.”

“Great harmonies, great vocals...great job of connecting with the crowd and trying to bring us up on the stage.”

“This 4-part string band brought their A-game and included in that were their collective and individual personalities.”