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“The NCEM Awards Nominees for 2017 BLUES BAND Of The Year Category. The Taylor P Collins Band, Bobby Young Project, Paula Harris Beast of Blues, Lara Price & Girls Got The Blues, Ronnie Stewart The Caravan of All-stars, The Jc Smith Band, Raymond Coats Band, Sam One Blues Band, Bob Jones Choosen Few. Congratulations on your Amazing Year in Entertainment.”

Alex Eventmasters Daniels - NCEM Awards

“The Bobby Young Project has just been named “2016 Blues Band Of The Year” by the “Northern California Entertainment Music Awards”!”

Alex Eventmasters Daniels - Northern California Entertainment Music Awards

“The audience was treated to another surprise when The Bobby Young Project stepped on stage. Not only was the band musically tight and extremely well-rehearsed, but Bobby Young (Cherokee and African American) introduced his young son, Nick Young, a very talented and seasoned guitar player. This was the first time this father and son duo ever played together on stage, due to Nick’s very busy touring schedule with his own band. It was a delight to see these two communicate through their guitars and music. Bobby Young opened his set with the standard, “Standing on Sacred Ground”, and encouraged audience participation (singing along) with the old tune, “Mustang Sally”. His bass player and co-lead singer, London, entranced the crowd with his stunning vocal phrasing and showmanship as he casually left the stage and played bass while strolling up and down the aisles of the theater. By this time, he had to move through audience members who were up and dancing in the aisles.”

"That's the best I've heard "Red House" since Jimi died"

John Lee Hooker - After hearing Bobby with Deacon Jones at Jacks, San Francisco

“Bobby Young is one of many authentic guitar players still living and playing in the Bay Area.”

Eldridge "Big Cat" Tolefree - The Globe