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“Tuesday, January 17, 2012 The BOB Band is good. I like their style. They have an Americana/Outlaw Country vibe and somehow manage to manage to make it sound punk here and there also. The group is from Millstadt, Illinois. This is a track they just shared on their facebook fan page and is a live track. I saw them live this past December at Fubar and I was truly impressed. Speaking of which, they will be back at Fubar on Friday, January 27th w/ Buffalo Bob & The Bedroom Band. Visit the venue website for more information on this show.”

“SID VICIOUS MEETS WAYLON JENNINGS FOR A CAGE MATCH" / NEWS DEMOCRAT (U.S.) JULY 10, 2013 LINK: http://www.bnd.com/2013/07/10/2689114/bellevegas-rocks-the-bob-band.html PHOTOS AND STORY BY ZIA NIZAMI — News-Democrat - United States”

“REVIEWSHINE ROUND-UP I have been rather rubbish recently at highlighting some of the new releases that have come my way via ReviewShine. This post is about a month overdue. I have no excuse other than being generally useless. So, with apologies all round, let's crack on. I will try to keep this brisk and business-like but, suffice to say, this record is worth checking out. "Time Served" by The BOB Band (available now). Musically this is raucous country-rock; lyrically you might call it AOR because of the adult content. There is lots of swearin' and screwin' and gettin' stoned. Younger readers should be warned that songs about such things are neither big nor clever. They are, however, enormous fun. "Mary Anne" - The BOB Band ”

“The BOB Band-GREASY SIDE DOWN Europe's Maverick Magazine Review - July 2011 Releasing their third album, this four-piece band certainly knows how to create a well produced song that can only be described as awesome. This thirteen song record shows to the world that this Illinois band are steeped in country music history and their musical veins are saturated with, what I suspect, is many bottles of Southern Bourbon. The record does not always go for the jugular as this outfit knows how to balance energetic songs with emotionally created tunes which impress continually. As its title suggests, the stomping beat on Pickin Flowers allows for impressive guitar to be used in the mix. The same wondrous spirit can be linked with Black Hat which is the concluding track. With sublime guitar on this tune with the inclusion of a fine lap steel helps sum up this record perfectly as its care-free attitude is refreshing good. -Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine / EUROPE ”

Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine / Europe

"fantastic writing on this playlist ..just love your lyrical skill with spinning a dark and twisting yarn..and the raucous, heavy playing really helps me understand your "outlaw" style..I just love the energy and pub-brawl vibe of "mary ann"..you guys can freakin play!!"

Mike White Presents - LONDON, UK

“Fantastic Pro Music!”

Celina Bree - Country Pop Star

“Sound is fantastic and Johnny Cash would be proud,,Greasy Side Down is awesome.. I just love this incredible music and the vocals.”

Bonnie McGill - Country Star / Ontario Canada

“You guys are absolutely brilliant... love the music. i couldn't even pick a favorite song.”

Threat - Hip Hop/R&B Artist

"Love your music... You guys are awesome"

Nashville, Tennessee - Gunn Music Promotions

““literate, rural-tinged imagery that powers the best of Americana””

-L. Kent Wolgamott - -Focus, Lincoln Nebraska Star

““Choral-like, almost epic in scale, I recommend opening a line to the Bob band””

-Jim Cult -Spotlight Magazine

““a band with solid roots in music that matters””

- Mike Blake - CIceros