Blunt Force Trauma / Press

“This band proved to be the best one tonight, busting out high quality old school crossover hardcore thrash with very tight drumming, good riffs and a great frontman. The overall fun the band exhaled on the stage was a perfect match for their party and protest songs, the whole show was interesting to keep watching and I’d surely like to see these guys on this side of the ocean more often! ”

“Great revolution band!”

“loud, raucous, political, and without sympathy. Slayer riffs and punk rock attitude crash into a five-alarm blaze”

“raw intensity of Slayer.... take no prisoners attitude....You've never heard shredding like this before....Set your face to stunned!”

“no-frills thrashcore”

“I'm not a licensed therapist, but something tells me these guys could use some serious anger-management training. Following in the skull-cracking bootsteps of acts like D.O.A., Suicidal Tendencies, and Sick of it All, Austin's Blunt Force Trauma is an old-school hardcore band swimming in vintage Y-chromosome aggression. ”