The Blue Sputnik / Press

““The Blue Sputnik is a band that was formed by a husband and wife team in 2010. Don Russell brought a surf, trip hop, rock influence while, wife, Johanna brought a sultry, jazzy influence. With this combination, was born a very unique sound." ESPN RADIO 95.9”


“The Blue Sputnik, with its experimental/electro riffs, presents an engaging and unique package of wildly entertaining music. The drama in a song such as "PORTER" is off the charts. Cool vocals (Johanna Russell) bring a sound in the vein of a mellow Florence and the Machine. Combining elements of electro, rock, and emo TBS is onto something here. Another track that stands out is "1981" which, somehow, 'sounds' like 1981. Anyone who digs the vibe of that scene will get a huge kick out of this track!”

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