The Blue Method / Press

“Got plans this weekend? Sorry. Doesn’t matter what they are. Scrub them. Cancel the surgery. Re-schedule the wedding. Beg the judge for a 48 hour furlough. The Blue Method will be making two special appearances on stage at Warmdaddy’s.”

"Their live show featured a soulful mix of covers and original tracks off their two studio albums Kill the Music Vol. 1 and 2. With an incredibly tight sound, they will make you dance all night."

"The Blue Method’s sound was raw and refreshing. Anyone who wonders if people still play real instruments should definitely check them out."

“The guys in The Blue Method need some hefty props! Songs like their newly recorded "The Bounce" brought one of the liveliest early shows at Jam on the River to date.”

“The Blue Method brought a rare flavor of raw, infectious energy and superb musicianship that Rowan students don't often see on campus, let along for free. It was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting acts The Pit will ever have the honor of hosting”

"I have six or seven touring bands that I'm using on a regular basis," he said. "They are my No. 1." - Dave Staab (Owner - Zeno's in State College)

“We trekked up to the Ropeadope Stage for a big spoonful of "Jersedelphia" funk compliments of The Blue Method. This five-piece powerhouse showed us their chops with an enthusiastic set. We were excited to see this band make their first, and hopefully not last, appearance at All Good”

“Plainly and simply, I really dig this CD. The Blue Method's sophomore effort, Kill the Music Vol. 2 is a powerhouse from an incredibly tight Philadelphia quintet and I haven't stopped listening to it since I got it”

“If you’ve heard one funk band you’ve heard them all…unless of course you’ve heard The Blue Method”

“Fusing traditional funk and soul with new style rock, The Blue Method is an impressive display of what music can sound like when you achieve the right blend of the new with the old.”