The Blos / Press

“It reminds me of some Project Blowed run off shit from the late 90′s. It’s well executed rapping...”


“Just downloaded maverick.... half-way through listening and love it so far!! The title track has been stuck in my head since seeing the video a few days ago and the rest of the album is real tight too, great flows and lyrics and unique sound... I like it with rap duos like you, where you seem more like a two bodied/brained rhyming unit rather than two egos competing. if you ever somehow get to do shows in England i'll be the first one buying tickets!! Peace”

WIll Jenkins

“One of the dopest albums of 2012”

StapleMouth referring to Maverick

“One dark and wild ride! The beats are slammin, hella creative, shit to zone out to. Lyrical rhythm is phenomenal.”

Forest Emcee of Forest of Luxury

“Y'alls production is WAY out there.”

Brad Spiker - Producer

“They sound different (I mean, way different) than not just hip-hop around here, but anywhere. [The] beats are 'out there's and the rhyme style is pretty good considering the type of beats they're rhyming over!”

“I would not wanna listen to this right before bed.”

Shane Winrick after hearing Anomanebula

“Mr. Rogers meets Alfred Hitchcock”