The Blooters / Press

“The Blooters bring a unique song list performed flawlessly with a blend of tongue-in-cheekiness to all the music we play. Do you think we are just a cover band? Wrong! We will take a song turn it on it’s head and kick it in the ass. When is the last time you heard AC/DC played bluegrass, Neil Diamond played like a 90’s hair band song - or someone play Dave Matthews Band? Hell - we will throw in Frank Sinatra for free! If you look at our song list and think you know what we’re playing you will be surprised. We live up to our motto - “Rock Jazz Funk Country Funk Schizophrenia.” We could bore you with some ego masturbation about how many years experience we have or how many bands we’ve played with and who has opened up for which top 40 band you have heard of, but we know you don’t care. We will bring a show that youand your patrons will be talking about. So before you book the same old tired southern rock band or or some guy with an acoustic guitar check us out.”

Jubal Justus - The Blooters Weekly