The Bloody Muffs / Press

“I've always liked how your band has kinda a "sound" but push the boundaries of it at ease. I think it keeps ya'll peerless in a sense and certainly keeps ya fresh.”

Adam Harmless - GADPUNK Zine

“You're right, it IS A good version. Fucking great song too (Too Hungover)”

Ken Kelleher - Pissed Off Radio

“(We Wish We Were Drunk (For Christmas) by The Bloody Muffs) Makes me want to drink and wrap my vomit up as a Christmas gift! :-)”

“i don't believe i would ever be interested in seeing anything entitled " The Bloody Muffs"!”

“The Bloody Muffs play fun simple rock n roll, like it was meant to be. Songs about sex,drugs,booze,hallucinations,drugs,sex,bodily functions, and oh yeah sex. The Bloody Muffs remind me of Nashville Pussy if they worshipped the Ramones and the Queers instead of AC/DC. Top notch production which proves you don't have to cut the balls of a record to have good clean production.The harmonies Jessica chimes in on will have you singing along and the lyrics will have you laughing your ass off.The guitar, drum and bass chops will have you bopping along too. Play the CD for your friends before you tell em the name of the band,guaranteed they are gonna dig it if they have taste and won't be all "ewww what kinda name is that?", after they hear how much it rocks.”

“Maybe they aren’t taking on politics and challenging the government with each verse and chorus, but I can not deny how much fun singing an entire chorus of “Fuck Your Mom” can be. With songs about various whores, people sucking, drunken sex and feeling alright no matter what happens, I found myself laughing and simply enjoying the music all night”

“sorry man, I think the Muffs are all played out for us. Sorry”

“(about The Bloody Muffs Music) that shit kills man. i'd be a fool not to (play it)!”

“THE BLOODY MUFFs always sound best Live, loud, on radio, on stage, off stage, in the cave, out of the cave, on CD, video etc!”

“The band name is a bit deceiving here. Yeah the lyrical content is pretty R rated, but the delivery is totally tongue in cheek and comes off like ruckus fun with your pals. The music swings back n forth through several old school punk and rock influences, most notably I heard alot of harmonies and melodies that reminded me of X. Jessica's vocals really echoed Exene's in some spots. Not like it was copied or anything like that, just one of those Oh...moments.”

“Another kick ass musical find Swede (President of FatCat Radio)! Id love to play with these guys next time we are in NY. -Pete McGunk”

“Jessica's energy on stage makes her fun to watch play too.Jonesy was great master of ceremonies, joke teller, vocalist and no slouch on the axe either.”

“First of all I love this video (I Like Pussy), just because its a whole bunch of people having fun while lip synching the words to the song. This video shows the respect and the loyalty that fans and other bands happen to have for a band and their music. This I can appreciate.”

“I’d recommend this band for anyone who isn’t into taking themselves too seriously and enjoys punk rock that does the same. A great band to go see, have a beer and hang out with, the Bloody Muffs are a good time live”

“Videos of the band Ive seen around do not do the band justice, their sound is alot fuller when your right in from of them, I recommend catching them live if they pop up at your local pub. My favorite songs from them that night were Fireworks n Beer,Drunk Tank, and Lets get Drunk & Fuck.”

“- I met a band called THE BLOODY MUFFS while I was out drinking NOW, I FEEL ALRIGHT!!”

“A Bloody Muffs show is like a frat party without the douchebags. It is a drunken, sometimes drug-induced riot. It is a party and everyone is invited, as long as you are not a dick. They are loud, they are funny and they are unpredictable. Exactly what punk rock should be. ”

“Their 70s-infused punk is louder and more grunge-influenced than many of their three-chord contemporaries. They deliver familiar themes (drinking, drugs, girls), but the female vocals and harmonies set them apart. ”

“Not one bad tune on the CD but the ones I am hooked the most are Drunk Tank,Seven Dwarfs Of Hells Kitchen,Lets Get Drunk and Fuck,and 118 Blues.Grab this CD and make your families asses pucker,you'll be pogoing all over the place without a care.”

“The Bloody Muffs prove that they can make the well- focused, vicious catchy- as- hell scumpunk record “staring at the world through bloodshot eyes.” ”

“This album (Sloppy Seconds) is awesome! ”

“And im supposed to make a special trip outto see a band called BLOODY MUFFS? Really? January 16 at 11:12pm ·”

Jody Johnson Haynes - Facebook post

“Jonesey( Guitar & vocals) Jessica Carmen Bass & Vocals) and Kat Kaos (Drums &vocals) remind me of those cousins you only see once a year at the family picnic. The uptight stuck up side of the family asses pucker when they see em piling out of the car,smoke spilling out of the windows,empty beers bottles falling out of the door,and muffler backfiring. We're excited to see them...”

“Our good friends from New York City punk rockers extraordinaire- The Bloody Muffs!”

“The New York, New York scumpunk act, The Bloody Muffs have put out two discs 2009s Heavy Flow and 2010s Sloppy Seconds which are both filled with comedic drunken operas of festive bliss. Since 2007 the Bloody Muffs have played sultry, catchy, stripped down garage punk in the tradition of The New Bomb Turks, X, but allowing the festive quirkiness of Shonen Knife to seep through the sonic landscapes. ”

"the female vocals are not only important in tempering the band's name but also mellow out the music like a good measure of heroin does for a speed ball"

"(The Bloody Muffs) are exactly what modern music is missing!"

“The Bloody Muffs took the live room with their ballsy rocked out punk, still unbelievably revved up at 4am...”

"(The Bloody Muffs) are exactly what punk is all about; smart, irreverent, fun, loud and cool"

“At first listen, I give Brooklyn, New Yorks The Bloody Muffs 5 stars...The bands two discs Heavy Flow,(2009) and Sloppy Seconds (2010)include a tasty slab of catchy drunk punk anthems that harken back to the late 80s/ early 90s punk undergut in the vein of The Trick Babys, meets a raunchier side of 90s garage punk supergroup, The Muffs. The bands sound also has a Texas early 1980s scumpunk approach quite close to the legendary greats, The Mydolls...”

"And if you think the album (Heavy Flow) is great, which it is, then you have to see them live."

“The Bloody Muffs are a band to be taken seriously.I must confess,I do not go a day without listening to Heavy Flow.”

J Krantz - Crowned Eagle Entertainment

“The tracks on Heavy Flow each tell a story leaving listeners begging for more. Such suspense -induced tracks include the epic tale of “Maybe I Was,” “Old Cigarette” or perhaps the heavy opener, “Flop House.” However Sloppy Seconds gets even grittier with “Drama Queen,” “Cause & Effect” and of course the rage fueled “Lisas Song.” Other tunes include the creepy reality of “Drunk Tank” and ”The Drip” which highy showcases the bands use for melodics and tongue- and -cheek raunch with a slight Dub twist in the middle.”

"The Bloody Muffs second CD, Sloppy Seconds is something no punk collection should do without. It is nitty gritty street punk at it's finest!"

J. Krantz - Crowned Eagle Entertainment

"What is not debatatable, is the greatness of The Bloody Muffs debut CD Heavy Flow...This is a CD worth getting"

“Dude damn straight we partied with The Bloody Muffs all week and they're even harder than their music. Great group great times great music :-)”

"On the way back to the L train, I saw Jonesy from The Bloody Muffs stumbling home from rehearsal, the key word being stumbling"

"for my money Love Me Like A Drug is about as great a song as you will ever hear and probably belongs on a compilation right next to Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand, it's just that good"

".... Oh did I mention they came in costume, spit up blood and sawed through their songs like lumberjack on meth cutting down trees like his life depended on it? Yeah, they rocked!"

Vlad (blackdeath.us) - Vladapolooza IV Review

“Great stuff!! Plenty to think about, laugh with and even worry over. A proper experience. Now all that's needed is to get the album! I'll pick it up when I'm in NY.”