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“The Blind Owl Band. The four piece outfit is new to the scene, but not new to eclectic sounds, traditional instrumentation and influences of some more obscure bands in the business. Geographically in the music world, location can often define a band. Hailing from Saranac Lake, these bearded boys have characterized their sound as if they stood on top of their mountain reaching out their beat up instruments grabbing various concepts of music, holding it captive ultimately for a presentation unique to the scene. On stage, they knocked the nit and grit right out of their strings. Added vocal harmonies invite us to the darker realm, where we were lead through a journey of traditional roots, dirty jams and down right scary turns along the way. Be brave and bold, these North Country boys can lighten it up a bit with Irish pub tunes as well. Surely, those meandering out on the street missed two great acts. The energy inside was so alive you could reach out and hold on. As was the rest”

“The Blind Owl Band hails from way up north in Saranac Lake. The group includes four friends — Arthur Buezo (guitar, vocals) Christian (bass) Eric Munley (mandolin, vocals) and James Ford (banjo, vocals). They use traditional string music and bluegrass as a starting point for combining many genres to come up with something uniquely different and totally their own. Think of the combo as an Adirondack version of New Grass Revival. Band members started with informal jams, and soon the four figured out it was more than that. The band's Facebook page states "We hope to inspire the use of wood and metal, and take a basic approach, and expand it to a sound all it's own." Songs like "Jazzy MaGee" and "Fiddle Don't" find the longhaired, bearded bunch with an organic approach and intriguing results. In ways both musically and visually, it's seems like they popped in from the early seventies. That's not a bad thing. Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/entertainment/article/Blind-Owl-Band-br”

“The Blind Owl Band is a young, heavily bearded quartet that calls Saranac Lake home. The band only officially formed about one year ago, released an album, Rabble Rousing, last month and is receiving lots of love from around town. I’ll have watched them three times. Still, I feel I’ll be driving home on Sunday wanting a little more. Blind Owl is bluegrass on the surface, but it’s bluegrass with teeth. These fellas play hard and fast–so furiously that Arthur Buezo (Guitar), snapped five strings during their relentless set last night. The band is also bluegrass by accident. I bumped into Eric Munley, who told me he couldn’t even play a mandolin a little more than a year ago. Except for James Ford (banjo), none of the guys draw their main influences from bluegrass. Munley grew up with punk rock, Buezo leans toward classical guitar and bass player Christian Cardiello likes his jazz. But, when they throw it all into the pot with a hint of jam and some gruff vocals, it’s the rea”

“Blind Owl Band has vision SARANAC LAKE - For newcomers to the Blind Owl Band - a hard-driving, heavily bearded, original string music quartet that's caught the ears of music aficionados from across the North Country. This Saturday marks the official release of "Rabble Rousing," the band's debut album. Blind Owl's music can be loosely defined as bluegrass, although the band's members prefer the term "original string music." And it all comes through on their album. "The album introduces us to people that might not be able to see us otherwise," Munley said, explaining that the songs on the album might sound different when played live. "The songs are still developing," he said. "They're like a foundation; they grow as the band grows." And this band is still growing. So what should first-time Blind Owl listeners expect? "The album is called 'Rabble Rousing' for a reason," Cardiello joked. Ford said that simply put, people can expect a whole lot of foot stomping and a "real good time."”