The Bleeding Feathers / Press

“Take a bunch of young Midwestern kids who probably learned their chops playing straight edge hardcore, get them stoned, turn them onto the proto-metal/hard rock-likes of Frijid Pink, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk and Sir Lord Baltimore, get them to play everything in quarter time and this would be the result. All I can say is that this very young band has a very old soul and whatever they are doing, it not only works really well, it’s completely anachronistic to the current trends burgeoning in today’s underground hard rock and heavy metal scenes. The band deliver six songs of straight up Sixties/Seventies inspired heavy psychedelic blues rock played from the heart. Keep it up, dudes! There are others like you out there!”

Jack Rabid - Big Takeover Magazine

“a raw amalgamation of distorted guitars and growling vocals deeply rooted in the ’40s and ’50s blues and rock ‘n’ roll stylings of old masters like John Lee Hooker and Howlin’ Wolf. Other assorted influences include rockabilly pioneer Gene Vincent, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, and Black Sabbath, with a touch of hard-edged ’90s grunge mixed in for spice.”

““My head is bobbing along as I listen and I get a vibe like when I first heard The White Stripes or The Black Keys back in the day.””

Jason Pierce

"The Bleeding Feathers well established themselves as 'The Hands Down Best Music Act in Kent, Ohio' with their 2 stellar performances. So rare to be in such awe these days."

Ryan Kralik - The Hung White Ponies

"The material is pretty dark."

Jim Chenot 91.3 The Summit

"I expect a T-shirt."

Chuck Auerbach - Dan Auerbach's dad