The Black Oil Brothers / Press

“The South Side quartet known as The Black Oil Brothers has figured out how to transport the sounds of the Mississippi Delta straight to the Chicago music scene. The 10 tracks that make up the band’s latest release, The High Road To Ruin, are pure country-blues-folk bliss. From the sincere storytelling to the soulful slide-guitar riffs to the perfectly placed handclaps and stomps, it’s an album that might even convert the country-haters. (theblackoilbrothers.com). ”

“...The banter between the songs was fantastic, telling wee stories about the songs, themselves, Chicago and Letham Nights. Before they were a quarter of the way through the set the crowd were dancing and singing along to the choruses.”

“...the Black Oil Brothers create an amalgam of Country and Blues not beholden to contemporary "alt" whatever, forging their sound from a deeper well, stripping away the trappings of contemporary naval-gazing to find a purer sound...”