The Black Moriah / Press

“Texas’ THE BLACK MORIAH has written and executed an album that is professional, highly listenable and in line with Absu's brand of malignancy, Casket Prospects a record that will impress even the cynical of the black hordes”

“Big props to The Black Moriah for at least having the guts to break with pack and try something different conceptually. Even bigger props for succeeding in that endeavor with a debut where the tunes hold up just as well with or without those concepts.”

"Casket Prospects will aim to be one of the most anticipated albums of next year, at least on my list."

“Its unfortunate that i am now just discovering these guys. Having connected with them via twitter this album would of made my final 5 for the best of the year.”

“It’s full of high octane guitar riffs and all these tenebrous atmospheres which is a seal of the true knowledge of playing black metal with guts and honor...and they don’t hesitate on delivering pure sharp power and luciferian darkness on the whole main riffs, plus a touch of violent thrash metal...I hope this name will get world’s attention soon, as it left me really thirsty for what is up coming.”

“The album is easy to listen to and most of the titles will stay in your head: headbang guaranteed. All in all there's no bad track at all”

"These dudes do sound like they’re road agents from hell, but they’re gonna give you a good time before they drag you away and finish carving you up. "

“These dudes, in my opinion, know how to fucking play, and they can now claim me as a fan. If they want. They may not want that.”

" Needless to say these black metal bastards have skill and are a very promising band out of Dallas Texas!"

"Overall this is a disc that should generate anticipation for the full-length version of “Casket Prospects”, and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this promo would be well-advised to take advantage of it."

“In my opinion The Black Moriah are a very great sounding hybrid of black and thrash metal and if you are a fan of t his musical genre, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACK "Chained And Confined".”

"The style of song is constantly poised between black and thrash metal. Interesting guitars entries...as well as phrases that give a touch of melody that never hurts." 7/10 (Translated from Italian to English)