The Black Iron Gathering / Press

“Of all the bands gracing one of the many stages this year at St. Pat's this year, either local or nationally known, its probably Columbia's THE BLACK IRON GATHERING that captures the drunken, boisterous joy of the holiday festival. The groups three songwriters and four vocalists move from punk-driven folk stomps a la Tim Barry or Chuck Ragan to high-energy folk rock anthems bolstered by beautiful, often wordless choruses, often within the course of a song. The range and breadth of the material is often breathtaking, as the group's more traditional abilities to blast through instrumental jams powered by traditional bluegrass instrumentation. K. Peterson”

K. Peterson - Free Times

“Black Iron Gathering — Take acoustic instruments and ratchet up the energy level and volume and you have the high octane revival, indie-folk stomp-grass sound of The Black Iron Gathering, which is as likely to whip out a Deer Tick cover as it is to impress with a heartfelt original song. Special guests The Whiskey Gentry are an Atlanta act with a similarly amped-up style that owes more to classic country and bluegrass, with singer Lauren Staley Morrow’s personality-strewn vocals effortlessly and emotionally adapting to the band’s shifting sounds. Greenville’s Joie open. K. Oliver”

Kevin Oliver - Free Times

“The Black Iron Gathering Indie rockers from Deer Tick to Mumford & Sons have taken folk-rock to new heights of popularity lately; Columbia’s Black Iron Gathering takes the hootenanny factor and spices it up with a little more punk rock attitude, like Fairport Convention interpreted by the Dropkick Murphys. A Black Iron Gathering show is a raucous hoedown led by the hyperactive ranting of lead vocalist Billy Ray, where songs build inexorably to a climax that eventually gets the entire crowd singing along to the sometimes wordless choruses like a roomful of drunken sailors.”