The Blackfires / Press

“The Charlton Heston of unsigned bands...even the most interesting man in the world from Dos Equis listens to them.”

"So, please, if you wanna rock with the best of ‘em, do yourself a favor and check out The Blackfires."

“I came across a great rock band on ArtistSignal recently. If you like rock music, you really should take a bit of time to listen to this band. They have a passion that brings back memories of old favourites like Guns ‘n’ Roses and Led Zeppelin. The Blackfires have become quite a popular live band locally in New York, and deserve much more recognition.”

“This is an exciting time for The Blackfires in their history as a band. To be a part of this moment, even as a listener and concert-attendant, is an honor and privilege. Their story has only just begun, and it is still being written. That means absolutely anything is possible for them as a band.”

“With a genuine, earnest hard-rock sound that has the polish and flair to excite any crowd, The Blackfires definitely are a must-see live act. For those looking for great new bands around NYC, these dudes absolutely need to be on your radar.”

“Chegodaev is THE personification of a rock band frontman...”

“The perfect description of their musical style, however, was given by frontman Chegodaev himself – “Don’t think too much about it, just go crazy.” That we did. So if you’re starving for some ear-splitting rock ‘n’ roll badassery, look no further than The Blackfires.”

“The Blackfires bring it – intensity in ten cities, volume cranked to 11, etc. – and Friday was no exception.”