The Black Doves / Press

“The voice is just awesome...a smooth and sexy voice carrying the lyrics sweetly”


“You can feel the words in your soul!”


“After running across this band on i-tunes, I decided to check out the whole album.....it's all really great but I love "Learn to Live"...Check it out!!!!! ”

Sigmund - iTunes

“Incredible emotive vocals and lyrics with power pop music to back it up. For any fans that like Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20 to Bruce Springsteen. The Black Doves are one band you've probably not heard of...yet!”


“Vocals with so much soul and heart..I was wowed!”


“I can't even find the words to describe how good the music is. The vocals are so incredible. Wow. Jaw dropping tunes.”

Talent Scout - Slicethepie.com

“The Black Doves...one of the best new rock bands...making their way from unknown band to superstars. ”