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“Big Red Beaver - Goat Back to the heavy. Need something to clear Maggie's voice from the earworm canal in my brain, and Big Red Beaver should do nicely. I'd just been hearing a little about these heavy, stoner, sludge rockers recently when they submitted this song and I was damn thrilled to learn that they're local for me. After hearing Goat, I know I'll be checking them out soon. If they bring it live half as hard and heavy as they do on this track they'll be a treat. Dragging their primal asses out of some tepid southern sludge swamp, full of searing guitars, truck stop vocals, haze and fuzz for days, and a bone structure of pure post-Sabbath heaviness, Big Red Beaver are a big red furry heavy treat. http://www.reverbnation.com/thebigredbeaverband/song/21379891-goat”

“The coolest thing about being a part of the Local Music Scene is hearing the best music before it takes off. Big Red Beaver is no exception to that with their new album “The Hunted.: It is very Raw and hard hitting with rad tracks such as: Cosmos, Evil that Men Do, and My favorite Roadking. Keep up the amazing work. ~Skipp I especially like their use of the harmonica, not a lot of bands incorporate this wonderful instrument, but Big Red Beaver pulled it off very nicely. The other thing that stood out to me, was how different each track sounded. More often, bands would stay within a certain sound or writing formula, not BRB, although the tracks had that Big Red Beaver groove, each song allowed the guys musicianship shine. ~Al Big Red Beaver is a four piece hard hitting rock band from the East Bay and consists of Jackson on Vocals, Chris on Guitar, Alex on Bass and John on Drums. They blend the 1990’s Metal with mainstream rock to give a sound that pleases the ears. BRB, was formed”

“Big Red Beaver is a very swampy, hard rocking kind of band you’d expect to throw secret generator parties deep in the woods early Sunday mornings. Throughout the CD John’s primal beats mixed with Alex’ rumbling bass lines are an excellent backbone for the very stylistic 7 string riffs and searing leads of Mr Anderson. Jackson’s smooth, deep vocals dominate this recording and I love the harmonica pieces. So, scrape up some road kill and get this CD or better yet come to a venue and get one in person. ~aLiEn @ Darkworld Guitars”

Alien @ Darkworld Guitars - The Hunted album review

"Big Red Beaver is a amazing rock band that brings true rock to the surface and their sound speaks for its self. Its dirty and everything modern rock~n~roll needs. I recommend to any rock fan that loves great music" -David Ray The David Ray Global Rock Show

David Ray - David Ray Global Rock Show

"I think Big Red Beaver is an awesome band with not only great musicianship in their songs, but a unique sound and writing ability. Topped off with the awesome vocal match up of Jackson Friedman, they present a total package of great sounding melodic hard rock that you could listen to and never get tired of hearing. I am proud to say that I am a Big Red Beaver fan!!!" --Allen Cox (Founder of Cox Music)

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