The Big Motif / Press

“The latest 7 track album, "Does It Weigh Heavy" is a blend of genres combining blues, rock, funk, and more for a unique but catchy sound. The Big Motif gets a definite thumbs up from The Indie Reviewer.”

Matt Hundley - The Indie Reviewer

“A great stripped down blues rock album, incredible guitar tones, licks, and rhythmic vocal stabs...The Big Motif prove music is still timeless. ”

The Swami - Colorado Music Buzz

“Complex, yet understated; dirty, yet lighthearted, Does it Weigh Heavy is all about balance.”

Devin Morse - Scene Magazine

“...when that title-track hits the 30-second mark, the band explodes into a classic blues rock sound indicative of Doyle Bramhall II, or Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys...Got the picture of their rawness yet?”

Brian Johnson - Marquee Magazine

“Chops, chops, chops! This impressive band is ready to take it's vision up a notch.”

“...this group of freshly minted minstrels -- who look barely old enough to shave -- stormed onto the scene with the swagger and chops of players twice their age. Move over, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Derek Trucks: Make room for the Big Motif.”

“Totally eschewing the cliches of modern rock ­ especially the indie scene ­these exceptional musicians bring to mind the fire of Santana, the jamming of the Allman Brothers, the Texas blues of Johnny Winter and the funk/jazz of Stuff.”

“The Big Motif, a band that if I didn't know better I would swear formed just to prove to me that what I've been saying all these years--- that music really is timeless--- is true. It's like they picked my brain for a handful of my best musical moments and put them all together in a new package.”

“Wow! These guys can really play their asses off.”

Chris K, The Colorado Sound

“They have strong chemistry and solid ability. They will most definitely appeal to an audience of all ages. You will truly be pleased with the maturity and production of this recording.”

“The Big Motif exudes confidence, as well they should, this young band has the chops and the groove and the patience to make every song they do become a masterpiece. Listen and you will know that they are for real.”

Jay Bianchi, Quxiote's True Blue

“When Tony Pacello opened his mouth and belted out a song with a voice so powerful, I might have thought it was Zeus himself rocking out onstage. Instead, it was just a skinny young guy, with a voice akin to Steve Winwood or Robert Plant, wailing on his guitar with his buddies.”

Colorado Music Buzz