The Big Chill / Press

“I just begin work on a video/documentary for a Music group here in North Carolina called the Big Chill! They are a Alternative Hip Hop group in the Raleigh/Durham area. Last night was my first filming take with the group! About 4 to 5 hours in the studio as the group work on tracks on their Sophomore album currently titled TMZ... which is named after a celebrity gossip website that talks about all the dumb trouble celebs get into.”

“As I wrap up my conversation with The Big Chill on that night, the mood is light, possibly filled with anticipation as they were watching the movie “Tales from the Hood.” No music this evening as one would expect, just the thought of their mixtape and where it actually might be as they await its release. If they continue to grind and create good music, it’ll be worth the wait the next time it returns, because it just might be an album.”