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““I’m an artist to the extreme,” Pelcher said. He also paints, draws and works with video. “I love sonic art, visual art, performance art,” he said, and he wants to show that all of it can be had here in Sweet Home. He wants local kids to know they can do it too. “I want music to explode in Sweet Home,” he said. “I want art to explode in Sweet Home. There’s enough talent to get everything going and make it an entertaining place to live.” When people talk about going to Portland to find something to do, “the only thing they’re talking about is being entertained,” Pelcher said. “You can be entertained anywhere.” “I’m hoping people here come to see the new show, something different. If you don’t like the music, you’ll like the show. There’s something that will affect you. There’s something that’ll kind of take you out of your every day. I don’t care if you love it or hate it. Art is supposed to affect you.””

“The show features a variety of rock ’n’ roll genres, said organizer Andrea Culy. They include rock, metal, funk, punk and industrial, along with several Christian bands. The music is going to get heavier throughout the day,” Culy said. “Last year, we said the psychometer’s going up.” Last year’s Psychostock was one day long with six bands, Culy said...“It was an experiment,” Culy said. Organizers didn’t publicize the event much. The shows went smoothly, she said... The bands and fans enjoyed the networking and socializing, she said. People who heard about it later wondered why they hadn’t heard about it and told organizers they would attend the next one. At this point, organizers have started talking about turning it into a three-day festival, Culy said. Bands in the line-up this year include Juicy Solution, Mantra Fear, Caducus, Crimson Guardian, TodayIsNow, Axis Salvation, All Things Shine, The Berated, The Shy Seasons, Funkle Ted, Slashbanger and Laserlight Sho”