The Belle Game / Press

““It’s refreshing to find a band with a female vocalist that delivers a fresh point of view and a new sound. The Belle Game does this well, altering the confines of modern music while relating effortlessly with their audience””

““Front woman Andrea Lo, however is not trying to sneak up on you, nor is she trying to blend in. “River” is her showcase, as it should be; her voice is an expansive, powerful instrument that demands to be noticed, driving the melody of “River” and turning a simple song of simple sentiments into showstopping, extroverted piece of musical theater””

"This is indie-rock at its best: texturally layered, with echoing guitars, infectious rhythms and horns, and lavished in hooks, such as on uplifting single "Wait Up For You." So, yes, we can justifiably deem the Belle Game one of Vancouver's best and, in general, one of Canada's most promising acts."