The Beaumonts / Press

"And the tune, "Toby Keith," about the right wing redneck is such a jaw dropper and a head shaker - doubt if he'll ever cover that one, but it makes "Don Henley Must Die" by Mojo Nixon seem fairly benign."

"Absolutely filthy honky tonk music that makes me realize that David Allan Coe's canonical X-rated underground LPs should have been a lot more fun"

"This is rowdy stuff, expertly played and as obnoxious (and funny) as those Blowfly and Redd Foxx records of the '60s. I'm sure the players here could produce a straight-up, cry in your beer country record... but where's the fun in that? Nah, The Beaumonts have a higher calling... namely, getting juiced and speaking their minds."

“Where Do You Want It is just screamingly funny – funny in a way that the hardcore/punk band FEAR’s debut, The Record was. I just can’t imagine how crazy a live show would be by The Beaumonts. Whatever you do, though, make sure you get familiar with them and check out this album. It will put Country in a whole new light for you”

"With the release of this album, the guys in The Beaumonts have killed any chance that they might ever be chosen as the opening act for Toby Keith.:

“In the words of David Allan Coe: “What the hell’s happenin’, Jesus Christ?, Ain’t there nothin’ sacred no more?” For the Beaumonts, “no more” doesn’t even register, because it’s pretty clear from the Lubbock quintet’s third studio LP that there was nothing sacred to begin with. Over the thirteen songs that the country mockers offer up, there are moments of bestiality, domestic violence, incest and sex in every lewdly possible configuration and situation, church burning, and, of course, drinkin’, drinkin’, and more drinkin’ (with a healthy dose of weed and speed thrown in). Yet as opener “Say What You Want” declares: “You can say what you want to about me, but I never gave my husband Chlamydia.” Fair enough. ”