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“The Beat Dolls’ sound is a fabulous Frankenstein monster composed of the best pieces from classic punk and ska bands. You’ll hear old-school Gwen Stefani vocals, bass lines reminiscent of Operation Ivy, melodic harmonies a la Dance Hall Crashers, and the frenetic drumming evocative of The Suicide Machines within their energetic songs. The Beat Dolls took all of these influences, sewed them up together and electrified the lot, creating their own original noise. The band is eager to record again; currently, they’re gearing up to play their first shows around the state with Thompson. Despite the band’s struggles, it’s clear that their talent, determination, and electric energy promise it’s only a matter of time until The Beat Dolls are playing coast to coast. Visit http://thebeatdolls.bandcamp.com/ to check out their EP Death of the Party.”

“Goslings! The Beat Dolls just released an EP on Band Camp. Aren't you all lucky and fuzzy (including your fave gosling wrangler). The EP has four tracks - Rumors, Listen and Learn, We'll See and Two of a Kind. Rumors was a fabulous choice for the first track. It's my fave of the bunch and the harmonies are superb. The best thing about this is that there's not a single slow song in the bunch. It's all fast and best played loud. Great stuff. Tasting notes: Significant overtones of the Dance Hall Crashers. There's some hints of Bad Religon in there, especially on "Rumors" and "We'll See". Angie's voice sounds a bit like L7 on some of the tracks ("Listen and Learn" in particular). It's punk. It's good. Take a listen and if you can part with the wee sum of $3, you too can have your very own copy of "Death of the Party" - just like me.”

“PV Band of the Week #1: Austin's own The Beat Dolls! Not only are their songs catchy as hell, but they will make it impossible to stay sitting down. The punky grooves, coupled with Angie's sassy vocals are a perfect combo. These guys are one of the most FUN bands we've ever had the pleasure of playing with, but they were also one of the most FUN to watch! ”

"The Beat Dolls give you solid, sometimes frenetic, rock numbers; familiar enough in instrumentation and song construction to warm your jaded heart; skilled enough to slam dunk the rock-steady picking and drum pounding required for these kinds of numbers. Overall though, it's Munsey's vocals that push The Beat Dolls into unique territory - The juxtaposition of sweetly crooned feminine sounds with the electronic crunch normally associated with masculine bellowing will get, and keep, your attention."

"The Best Female Fronted Punk Band You Haven't Heard About....'Till Now"---about.me (AOL affiliate)

“Austin’s The Beat Dolls take home this week’s TOW award for their song “Demons Inside Me.” Move over Joan Jett, if Angie Munsey was punkin’ and rollin’ back in your time she would have created some stiff competition for you. The band is making their way to The Moon Bar Sat. March 5th along with their brother-in-arms The Scary Mondelos. While Angie’s vocals may stand out, the entire band makes their mark on this particular track. Barry’s walking bass line paired with Mike’s drums, which sound similar to the drum track on Blondie’s “Dreaming,” make for a really smooth rhythm section... Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, I like letting the music speak for itself… ”

“...Bass is busy, melodic, active; lead guitar adds another dimension, & vocals are well-written & well-performed. this is a band with a good idea of what they want to sound like...”

“It felt refreshing even though it was a billion degrees outside.The Beat Dolls are a solid punk rock group”

Tyler Two Groove - Tyler Two Groove Blog

“The Beat Dolls sing their crazy hearts out over punk guitar riffs.”

Flamingo Cantina - flamingocantina.com

“Their set was short and powerful, never stopping to take a breath. ”

Tyler Two Groove - Tyler Two Groove Blog

“There was some highlights through out the day. Deb's favorite band was the Beat Dolls.”


“With its high adrenaline tempos and power chords, it’s hard not to get worked up listening to this music. Tight harmonies, more than the recommended daily allowance of distortion and melodies that are fun to listen to abound in The Beat Dolls.”

Paul Heingarten - Music and Band Ezine