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The B.A.R.S. Crew Killers

““This is an appealing song that is also aesthetically motivating. The rapping is on point, fits well with the beat. The background melody creates a smooth flow and an atmosphere. The singer is talented and the lyrics to the melody and the rap fit well with the whole. The instrumentals are rhythmic and engaging. The consistency is this driving force that is cohesive with the winner, the character in the song”

No Time For Losing Crowd Review

““Catchy intro. The voice quality is clear throughout the entire song for both people participating in the track. The sound quality is also clear, the melody is catchy, following the intro. The melody definitely has digital effects, but they make the song and do not overpower the lyrics. The lyrics flow along with the rhythm. I could hear this on my local radio station and imagining it being a hit!””

No Time For Losing Crowd Review

““D.j.ed like a pro. The guy rapping had nice flow. The drums were beating their buts off. I thought these guys were so talented and new. This artist has great potential and is sure to sign a contract. The words of the song were well written and had meaning. I'm giving these guys a score of 8”

No Time For Losing Crowd Review

“I loved the beginning of the song with the catchy beat. It's a good way to captivate the listeners attention. Overall the background music was perfect. Secondly, the rhythm of how the lyrics were rapped corresponded well with the beat of the song. I also like how there was a difference between the speed of how the lyrics were rapped before and after the chorus. It gives a variety to how the song can be rapped to. The lyrics of the song are good too because they talk about the concepts that are being rapped about nowadays.”

Step up your Game Crowd Review

“I remember when music was like this. So energetic and happy. I wish it was still like this. He needs to write more and more stuff to bring old school back. I really likes at around 60 seconds in when he started improvising. Truly inspirational. I hope he keeps writing and becomes big one day. 9 out of 10. The different elements of it were great! Like the guitar was gooid, the violin was amazing. The percussion held a tight beat.”

Step up your Game Crowd Review

“Hip hop music i love this song, nice lyrics and good voice his voice hits you with energy. The drama in his voice and song make you strong every time. The negative is very good mix with the lyrics and the voice make the music so powerful. The lyrics are mind-blow from my position i will give this song a 9.”

Step up your Game- Crowd Review

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