the barefoot band / Press

“you can't tell a book by it's cover, but The Barefoot Band had me at "gas money for austin" \m/~”

"...I do enjoy the changes you've made to your voice on this album. I like raspy Micah, but this Micah with fabric softener was a welcome change...."

Aaron Odom via text-o-mo-phone - Aaron Odom's Unsolicited Quotations

"If I had a hippo for every time I liked your music... I would have a hippo ranch...};-P"

Antonio Pickering - Antonio Pickering's Unsolicited Quotations

"...yeah, this time we don't have to compete against Santa and his down the chimney marketing method..."

"shit, man. that was some heartfelt GOOD music."

unknown pig-tailed woman - unsolicited comments at molly maguires, ballard

“...now this one-man-band is back with a solid live recording in the tradition of a bootleg tape that showcases his blend of hippy-styled acoustic folk with some loop pedal gymnastics.”

“Your song "Shine" is a groovy folk song.”

“You need to work a stripper pole into your act....”

Antonio Pickering - Antonio Pickering's Unsolicited Facebook Quotations

“you're the best guitarist i've ever seen, honey, and i've been a rancher my whole life, so i KNOW. you up here sweating like you're working, you're going to make a million dollars someday. ”

unknown rancher woman - unsolicited comments at barn gigs

"it is a bar banned bar band!"

Justin Stroup - Justin Stroup's Unsolicited Facebook Comments

"Your voice is likening sipping hot honeywine through a sandpaper straw."