The Barbara Cassidy Band / Press

"Cassidy hat eine schöne Stimme..."

“The couple exhibit a high degree of musical understanding and work well together, and their air of easy confidence belies the fact that this is their first recording.”

"[Barbara Cassidy] leaves traditional forms very much the way she found them, after doing them sweet, tender justice."

"Cassidy is, [a natural lyricist] and she taps effortlessly into an American story-telling-folk tradition, and does so in a way that seems utterly authentic, even recalling her own family history on “Anna's Song - Shohola, 1864”. It’s a genuine standout track, the sort of song that gets the hairs rising on the back of the neck, and that’s by no means a unique experience."

“'Time Stood Still', is a track that has a classic country feel. They do their own twist to the traditional/classic song 'Wayfaring Stranger,' where the couple’s musical chemistry is most notable.”

“Cassidy's lyrics are honest and fit within traditional folk themes such as lost loves and wandering souls.”