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"San Francisco's underground music scene boasts the most ardent devotees of the resurgence of the '60's girl group sound. The Bang Girl Group Revue is the city's best period-correct recreationist ensemble, with nary an anachronism. But rather than just rehash old covers, The Bang also recharges this ilk of music with timeless-sounding originals. "Another Notch On His Belt" opens like The Ronettes fronting the Animals. Singers Angeline King, Rachel Mae Havens and Tish Peterson sing soulfully about finding strength in the middle of a crush as a groovy organ grinds alongside stylish guitar leads. Once you look past the palpable chemistry of the three front women, it becomes evident that The Bang has a secret weapon in guitarist Derek See. Dexterous and versatile, he owns his vintage tones while effortlessly segueing from the mid-'60's mod fuzz that buzzes around the psych-soul of "No Matter What You Do" to creamy soul smoothness in an outstanding take...

Eric Shea - iTunes Notes

“Causing the sun to shine even when it's dark is the latest release from California throwbacks The Bang Girl Group Revue, their very fine album Soul Shangri-La. I dare you to not swing uncontrollably to this seven-piece dance machine's version of Love's Gone Bad. Motown hasn't sounded this good to me in years...Respect!”

Eric Ryan - Inpress Magazine (Melbourne, Australia)

"This will be out soon. I have heard the final mixes of these tracks and this is superb. The title of the album leads one to expect ’60s girl group and r’n‘b stylings and while that’s hugely present, what’s also present here is the country-rock hints prevalent in guitarist Derek See‘s previous band The Careless Hearts (who have backed the legendary James Williamson from Iggy and The Stooges). It’s a great combination that makes for a fun album." - Matthew Berlyant, The Big Takeover

Matthew Berlyant - The Big Takeover

"Drink In Hand" by The Bang Girl Group Revue starts with a strong blast of "woo-woos" evocative of a glorious era of go-going girl power, although The Ronettes probably never declared "Tequila makes me catty...brandy makes me angry" and "the kind of guy I prefer is a drinking man". The vocals- Angeline King, Tish Peterson and Rachel Mae Havens- power along with a punchy beat before making way for a vintage Yardbirds-style guitar break. The band's first album, "Soul Shangri-La", is out this month, and proves that Derek See and mates want to go beyond retro nostalgia to reinvigorate the genre" -MSG, San Jose Metro

MSG - San Jose Metro

“The Bang is an homage to the girl groups of the sixties, such as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and the Supremes.”

“New Soul vs. Old School The soul revival comes to the Blank Club in San Jose Friday with the Hot Toddies and the Bang”

“The Rebirth of the Bang 2.0 and Derek See On The Bang’s New Lineup, Leaving Careless Hearts and Playing with Iggy Pop”