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“All awesome. There is a lot going on in Can't Help Myself it's like controlled chaos.”

Derek Long - Derek Long

“I really love the rich, eclectic range of styles in your music..but always dominated by strong, captivating melodies and fluid, imaginative arrangements. Just love the spare, uncluttered spacious sound of "Suffer" and the catchy, poptastic hook for "A Thin Line". Utterly captivating music and superbly realised! ”

“Wren were another band I went into listening to blind, not knowing what to expect, but I think that’s been a good thing. I don’t know that I agree with the inclusion of RATM in their sound as there’s a crucial heavy element missing if they were to achieve that, but over all the band should be pleased with their sound – it’s accomplished and beyond what I had expected. In all, this is a band I look forward to hearing a lot more from, and a band that I feel might have a bright future ahead of them.”

“I sat down with three members of the group over drinks to discuss the concept of this new band and most importantly what they sound like. Briana: So if there were any bands to compare yourselves to, who would it be? Paul: Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Death Cab…. Jeremy: If all of those bands had an orgy, that’d be Wren. Although this eclectic mix of comparisons to what Wren sounds like, listening to the song “Suffer” somehow has qualities of all of those bands, including my personal favorite, a heavy bass line. Paul says that “being a bass player, the most satisfying bass lines are funk and R&B.” Playing in metal bands, Paul notes, in between sips of his Long Island, that he “didn’t want to scare my friends anymore, and play something they’d enjoy.””

“Impassioned rock pop punk blended seamlessly to create an energetic landscape for your mind and soul to explore.”