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“Quote by, Award Winning Hall of Fame Nashville Producer Robert Metzgar "The Highway Band has an incredible, exciting sound that just lifts you out of your chair and puts dance back inside you. If you are looking to sign one of the single greatest groups of musicians I've ever heard, sign the Highway! They will rock you! Great vocals, total professionals. This Band Kicks Ass!! The band to fill your venue with screaming excited fans!" ”

Producer, Robert Metzgar - letter

“GABBA's President, Greg Potter and his team were nervously anticipating a year's worth of work coming together just right! Well sir, on Friday night it did just that. A band from Crown Point, Indiana called "The Highway Band" took the stage. They came out and tore it up! They showed how the music of the Allman Brothers and other Southern bands had touched a group of young rockers from the Midwest. This band is the real deal folks. The dueling guitar solos were brilliant and the whole band was a joy to hear. If you ever get a chance to see this band live don't miss it. I urge you to check these guys out. The great Southern style of music we love is very apparent in Highway's live sets. The band lists as influences, the Allman Brothers, the Black Crowes and the Rolling Stones. Man, they cooked! Keep your peepers open and if they come near you, BE THERE! I guarantee you a good time, and a good show. Be sure to tell em you heard about them in GRITZ!”

Grits.net review - GRITZ Magazine

“Star Plaza Theatre Letter Mark Bishop G.M. The Highway Band is, without a doubt, one of the best regional bands to showcase their talents on the Star Plaza stage. They have appeared as the opening act for such national acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jackyl. The Highway Band has also appeared at the Midwest Beat’s Region Rumble by being Selected from many competing bands. Their sets have been among the best and consistently draw some of the largest local crowds. The Highway Band and their crew are both professional and considerate to work with throughout the entire process. From booking, to promotion, to publicity, to production and finally performance the act is organized, efficient and effective. The Highway Band is a hard – driving rock act that you would want on your stage. Their unique sound would add quality to any star-studded line up. Don’t miss out…You will want them on your show! Mark Bishop General Manager Star Plaza Theatre”

Mark Bishop General Manager Star Plaza Theatre - Letter

“This Southern-fried Hoosier sextet have a solid chemistry from years of writing, playing and recording together. While past releases always have been anchored by their strong writing talents and proficient playing, The Highway Band always was much better live than recorded. "Nine Fine Wines" balances the scales. For the first time ever, Highway has truly hit the note! This is due in no small part to the capable production skills of Phil Miller (of Sonia Dada fame) and having Rick Barnes (Nick Tremulis) tweaking and twisting knobs as their engineer. All the right ingredients came together to make this a fine vintage. The cork in the bottle here is the disc's high-quality packaging, complete with a lyric booklet chock full of color band shots. As a total package, "Nine Fine Wines" can stand up to any major label release and even best a good chunk of them. ”

Tom Lounges - Midwest Beat Magizine

“Highway - Take The Ride. What if you could get the sound of the 70s bands like Blues Image and mix it with some swamp music and garnish it with '90s era Black Crowes. Well if you could, you can....... Highway does just that on their CD Take The Ride. Electrifying guitar work that blends Memphis blues with the likes of the Allman Brothers. I was pleasantly surprised to find such an in your face rock sound from the Southeast of Chicago band. If you like your rock with an edge and enjoy listening to talented musicians go off on a solo like when rock was REAL, then Highway is probably a perfect fit for ya. Highway could show some of the younger generation a thing or 2 about how a band is supposed to be one unit with multiple working parts. The members of Highway seem almost as if they can feel what the other member is going to do next as they work, and play together as a well oiled machine. All in all this is a solid album with some very memorable tracks. ( 5 Stars out of 6 ) ”