The Bandana Brothers / Press

“Straight from GrandRapids Michigan, homebrew at it's best and perhaps with a shot to boot.. They play hard and work hard as their love for rock and blues is proven with every lick. I'd love to hear them play live!”

“ VIK... VIKING KRUE - Alternative / Powerpop / RAWK KANDY 04/15/2009 5:02 PM RAWWWWRRR!!!! GODDAG!! Thanks for droppin' by. We appreciate it. Memorial Day Blues is great, deep and spirited”

Viking Crue - ~reverbnation

"your music truly is a gift so thanks!" thor

Thor Kolbison - ~reverbnation

“ rb ... rb & company - Blues / jazz / blueage 04/25/2009 4:25 PM Hey Zach. my fellow bandana brother.With you and I we keep it alive. Thanks, RB ”

“ kootie kootie - Surprise, AZ 04/14/2009 4:15 PM i love memorial day blues ”

"It's AAAAALLRIGHT!" -direct quote

Sweet Willie Singleton - Bluesilingus@gmail

"A provocative sound that pulls you in and seduces the listener with infectious rhythm and flrtatious lyrics."

Jennifer Rodriguez - myspace listener blog