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“The End Is Begun is 3’s newest rock-prog mindwarp, designed specifically to confound and inspire as it traverses rock, lullabies, pop, metal and just about everywhere in between.”

Chris Dick - Decibel

“3, like the Mars Volta, Coheed & Cambria, and Porcupine Tree, connect as much as they divide, work for you as they do against you and settle minds as much as they disturb them.”

Chris Dick - Decibel

“Alternating between acoustic and electric passages, Three's latest, The End is Begun (re-released on Metal Blade), embodies prog's sonic trinity of texture, proficiency and power.”

Jeff Leven - Revolver

“Three is a band in the spirit of Rush, Tool, or former tour-mates Porcupine Tree that isn’t afraid to do things on their own terms. Meaning, they aren’t afraid to give you different shades of the rock spectrum, and to tour hard to reach your doorstep and slap you upside the face with it.”

Dan Zulaica - Drummer

“After their acclaimed debut Wake Pig solidified them as one of the most groundbreaking bands, Three had but one choice: follow-up with an album that reaches even farther into the cosmos than the last... Three has once again pushed the boundaries to exciting new places.”


“Woodstock, New York's Three serve up labyrinthine, guitar-laden progressive rock without pretension or needless indulgence”

Jeff Leven - Revolver

“Stunning compositions which stand shoulder to shoulder with the best Dream Theater recordings...quality musicianship which could rival jam bands such as Phish or Umphrey's McGee...commercial twists that were once the trademark of bands like Styx and Kansas...FAN-TAS-TIC!!!”

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