The Bad Ideas / Press

“The Bad Ideas head out for a 3 week east coast tour.”

“Right off the bat, The Bad Ideas’ frontwoman dominates the mix, wielding a reverb-drenched howl à la Siouxsie Sioux to great effect.”

“I’ll tell you right now, I’m on The Bad Ideas’ side. Their second track is the mosh-pit inducing “I’m Stuck” with dizzying guitars and awesome “fuck you to the man” lyrics”

“Breaka Dawn of The Bad Ideas certainly will continue my fascination with frontwomen.”

“singer Dawn nearly blowing out her vocal cords as she rants about the collapsing of society”

“The first lyrics come out as a battle cry (“Detroit has fallen! Apocalypse is upon us!”) with drums slamming like bones breaking.”

“The drums, guitar, and bass are as wild, hectic, and ramshackle as the subject matter. It’s two minutes and six seconds of chaos and anarchy.”

“And ohmygod. The Bad Ideas are a force with which to be reckoned.”

“Bad Ideas seem to feed off intimate settings and a slightly anarchic edge.”

“The Bad Ideas boast a stunning onstage presence.”

“If bands were rated in terms of caffeine, the Bad Ideas would be a six-shot Americano. And this is just practice.”

"band tore through songs about as fast as the Ramones would perform them live."

"The Bad Ideas stirred up the crowd with buzzed out guitars and uptempo, straightforward punk progressions."