The Badcocks / Press

“you guys are the real deal”

martin pink - cactusk

“were not trying to catch up to the publicity,the publicity will catch up to us.....ttallen”

harpo - volume 11 interview

“were not trying to ride any ones coat tale,ya so we played with alot of huge punk rock bands,we learned from it,and life go,s on.tt allen”

harpo,volume 11 intreview

“i seen these guys at mulligans,i havent shaken my ass so hard in a while,at least to music,rock on boys”

party girl - patron

"Beer cans flying in the air, titties flashing, and Guitars sceaming...... are these guys for real?" Badcocks live at the Icepick Muskegon, Michigan.

“No really,where did these guys come from?”

c .moorebutts - under the bleachers

"Punk Rock Veterans from the scene mixing new muisic with that bad ass old school sound" " I was looking around for GG Allan in the crowd"

Richard Rising - The Maxx