THe BAcksliders / Press

"takes you by the lapels are the songs that encourage you to push the gas pedal down a little further, the open highway tracks that could add a few extra points to your driving record."

"The folks in The Backsliders hit the target dead on with this release.....A wonderfully entertaining album from a wonderfully entertaining quartet. (Rating: 5+++)"

"The BAcksliders play an aggressive form of Garage Rock based in classic Rhythm N Blues, and at their best will make you want to get up and dance."

"They capture the wild mix of soul and garage rock that ruled late 60s Detroit and take it on a trip through their home state of Texas' fine tradition of outlaw music. As their name implies, the music embodies the internal conflict between worldly desire and divine goodness."

"I must say “Thank You” for Thank You"

"THe BAcksliders are rock n' roll saints."

"First, the Backsliders is a terrific band name. Second, this Dallas quartet sounds just like its name implies: The band plays hard-charging bar rock with a gritty blues edge, with songs led by Kim Bonner’s ground-glass vocals and packed full of ballsy guitars."

"Recorded live-in-the-studio in just four days and intended as a no-fooling offering of gratitude from these hard-working Dallasites to their fans, "Thank You" is 10 songs in 22 minutes, available as a free download from their website."

"THe BAcksliders' new album is the definition of rock 'n' roll—dirty, riffy, growly. Hell, a dictionary couldn't describe the term as well."

"swagger that is genuine, raw and entertaining as hell. While the powerpop rock will hook audiences and make the clubs bounce, one of the most shining gems on the album is a slow number titled “Pass On All Your Fears,” which goes way beyond where the band’s musical inspirations ever reached...

"You're Welcome is full of infectious tunes played well with just a hint of soul.."

"There are no clever gimmicks on You’re Welcome, unless if you count great songwriting and exceptional musicianship “gimmicks”.

"is pretty light and good natured all the way through, like a finely cooked roast."

"There is little doubt that You're Welcome is a rocker, distilled into its purest form."

"..The band writes all of their own material...and almost every song they write sounds like a Top Ten hit. But don't expect to hear the kind of cheesy breast milk that gets pumped out by American Idol retards. The Backsliders play real pop for real people..."

“ "Backsliders, You're Welcome (out now): Dallas band with a highly promising singer in Kim Pendleton and a few impressive songs, mostly front-loaded.."”