The Aury Moore Band / Press

“Aury put on a fantastic show that night. She is a great stage performer, really high energy, sexy, and charismatic. The fans ate it up!She played the entire album from top to bottom in two sets, and the audience was rapt. Many of the attendees have seen Aury perform already, and they knew they would get their money’s worth. She gave them multiple reasons to show up: to watch and listen to a great stage show in an excellent performance space, to celebrate with her, to get a physical copy of the CD they couldn’t get yet anywhere else, to win raffle items, to contribute to a charitable cause, to see a famous guitar player, and to eat good pizza. Who wouldn’t want to be there?”

“A few weeks ago I attended an inspiring CD release party for the Aury Moore Band's new CD, Here I Am. The AMB is a female-fronted indie Seattle rock band whose latest CD was produced by Stevie (full disclosure). I've been fortunate to be a part of Aury's inner circle, and even to feed her a few marketing tips. She's an experierenced and accomplished musician and marketer herself, and I wanted to share the story of this 12 song CD.”

“Congratulations to the fantastic Aury Moore for being selected as the SMI Featured Artist of the Month for the month of July 2010. Not only has amazing chops but when she sings, she sings with passion, and soul. When she sings she tells the story and she means it. She is one of the most talented singers in the region and a very cool cat. To read more about Aury and listen to the show go here. ”

“Some would describe the The Aury Moore Band as a a pop / rock outfit with a blues edge. Upon listening to the music featuring the vocals from the band's namesake, one would have to describe AMB as a soul band in the purest sense of the word. Aury Moore's passionate, and versatile vocal stylings, along with a cadre of some of the region's top rock musicians, make this group special and stand high above the crowd of some great Northwest rock bands. Moore not only has a colorful vocal palate in which to paint a musical tapestry, She has the heart and soul of an artist that has seen and experienced life in such a way, that when one listens to her practicing her craft, one knows that she means every note she sings and every subject that she covers in her repertoire. ”

“A few months ago, the lovely Pamela Moore featured the cover of this very magazine... Now, did you know Pamela has a lil’ sister, equally talented, with a similar supervoice? Aury Moore, the youngest of the Moore family is a beautiful girl, with a fabulous voice, living and breathing music in magical Jet City, aka Seattle. I got to listen to her album, “Just a taste”, loved her voice and style of music and, since then, I’m trying to follow her music voyage, through melodies and gigs, through now and tomorrow... Aury is the Princess of music, giving two-hour shows and her own soul every time she’s on stage. I’ve known her since 2004 and the only thing I regret is that we live half a planet away... Luckily, crossing the sea every now and then is a golden opportunity to see her, spend some time with her, interview her... ”

“Club Motor in Seattle’s SODO District was the scene of one hell of a night of music, famous musicians, and off-the-hook talent that really lived up to Seattle’s reputation. Saturday, February 13 seemed like every other Saturday until Aury Moore and friends bombarded the Motor with back-to-back-to-back bands and high profile musicians performing for an intimate audience of around 300. Rocktheblues.com hosted a fantastic event, and the Aury Moore Band was the main act scheduled... ”