The Aurora Observatory / Press

“There's no Failure of Imagination here! I was pleasantly surprised with the 311ish ending of "In the Confusion" and still so originally awesome!”

Waste Band Radio

“I give Failure of Imagination 4 out of 5 stars simply because these guys asked me be as critical as possible. One of the only flaws I found was it's not on a major label.”

Lindsay Perdue - Strange New Media

“Failure of Imagination has stayed in my CD player since October, here we are in January and I still listen to it everyday!”

Sara Iwaniszek - Eclipse Media

“I think TAO may be on to something, they've concocted a wonderfully addictive poison that makes you want more.”

Justin Saunders - Median Magazine

“If this band sounds live the way it does on its MySpace.com page MP3, it could be one of the most interesting heavy rock bands in the region.”

“Why haven't we heard of these guys yet? I'll tell you why, nobody has given them a chance! All it took was one person to give them the thumbs up and they tore the house down! With the biggest Friday night turn out we've ever seen at Gameday!”

“Bring a mask because these guys are sure to melt your face!”

Will Posten - Strange New Media

"I don't think I've heard anything like this before"

Sam - 220 Southside

"What the HELL was that? In a good way"

Mark Wilson - Why Don't you Just do That