The Audio / Press

“If you’re not a fan yet, you will be. The Audio’s “Six Impossible Things” EP is guaranteed to get you going. This epic album was recently released at the World Famous Chilkoot Charlies, July 23, 2010. While only six songs long, the album is an excellent showcase of the band’s ability and style range. Each song flows and ebbs with emotion. From the catchy and upbeat track, “I Like You Best” in regular rotation on 94.7 The End, to the slow-tempo, vividly vocal and passionate “Arson,” “Six Impossible Things” is well worth the purchase. With recordings bordering themes familiar in indie rock, alternative, new wave and pop rock, The Audio is sure to please a wide variety of listeners. Jenni May keeps vocals on lockdown while Bill Gibson and John Cripps shock with guitar, Winston Montecillo astounds on bass and Eric Kross stresses hip rhythm on percussion. Hearing this band live is as good as, if not better than, blasting their album from any stereo. ”