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“The Atkinsons have advanced as one of the Top 20 bands for Rockn' To LOCKN' 2017!! The next step is fan online voting which is from February 15th until March 1st. We need your help! Just click on this link and vote for The Atkinsons: http://locknfestival.com/RTLvote”

“Top Albums from RVA 2011: #2. The Atkinsons – Mile Marker - 'This is the kind of alt-country album that sticks with you till the end. Great instrumentation, musicianship, and song structures, pristine recording.'”

“Annual Music Issue Sounds of Richmond No. 4 - "When the Atkinsons guitarist Dickie Wood wrote his name on the chalkboard for the open-mic at Matt's Village Pub, little did he know that seven years later he'd still be performing with host and mandolin player Jeff Williams. The Atkinsons' new CD, "Milemarker," represents the last three of those years, which saw the roots-rock outfit playing shows just about every other week. Although this grueling schedule hasn't taken the band over dusty back roads or through sweaty juke joints, it sure sounds like it. And while there's still plenty of twang on the album, "You Could Go" represents its penchant for classic Southern rock 'n' roll."”

“Sounds of RVA by Sarah Moore - "Richmond’s The Atkinsons have just released their second album, Mile Marker. The Atkinsons have been together for seven years, though, so they have had time to hone their sound and get any kinks out of their system. You might even say that along the way, the band has gone down certain roads, marking them as they go along. “Mile Marker follows its own path from the back roads to the highways that inevitably lead you back home.” The album tends to grow on you as you listen to each track. The Atkinsons meld a bit of alt-country (in the vein of Drive-By Truckers or Son Volt) with rock and roll, swing music, Texas Cajun and many more for a driving sound that is fast enough for dance halls and chill enough to do some laundry to. (click on link for more)”

“Magazine33 - The Atkinsons "Mile Marker" CD Release Show at Capital Ale House Music Hall Richmond - "If you pay any attention to the rock or country flavored bands playing around Richmond, you have probably heard of the Atkinsons. They've been around for a couple years now, if you consider seven to be a couple. Most of that time has been spent playing at venues and festivals all over Richmond and the surrounding area. For all those years playing they had until recently only released one album, a self-proclaimed alt-country opera called American Gothic. They really are a performance band. It's obvious from seeing them play that they just enjoy being up on stage playing music. Recording is more of an afterthought for them." (click on link for more)”

“102.1 the X Studio B - Dickie Wood and Jeff Williams of The Atkinsons and engineer/producer Steve Barber interview with Jay Smack on Studio B on 5/1/11. Songs played from "Mile Marker" include "Lyin' and Honesty", "Wanted Her To Go" and "Scar". Live performance by Dickie and Jeff on "You Could Go". (click link to hear podcast)”

“Style Weekly 'That One Song' by Mike Rutz - "Many a musician was born and many a band was formed at the now defunct Matt's Village Pub. In the early oughts, mandolin player Jeff Williams played host to a popular open-mic night that launched numerous musical careers, including the Gaskets, the Ex-Patriots, Jared Jones of Lust Not Love, Jim O'Brien of Schnitzel and the Atkinsons. It's been more than seven years since Atkinsons guitarist and vocalist Dickie Wood drew his name on that chalkboard, and he's still performing twangy rock songs with Williams. (click on link for more)”

“Magazine33 - "The Atkinsons. The name caught my attention immediately. Was it the name of one of the musicians? No. That would have been too easy. The origin of the name was much more interesting than that. About six years ago two friends, Dickie Wood and Jeff Williams," (click on link for more)”

“The Atkinsons - American Gothic When I pop in a disc from a band based in Virginia... (click on link for more)”

"Dickie Wood has a lot of words floating around in his head. ... (Click on link for more)

"It's not as easy these days to find a sprawling country road that's not bisected by a major interstate. ... (Click on link for more)