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“With deep and distinct vocals, and contrasting lighter harmonies 'On The Rise' is a gorgeous flowing rock song, that has an atmosphere that really engages the listener. Fabulous song.”

" Imagine a cross between Mazzy Star and The National. " .. Lawrence Person's Futurama

Lawrence Person's Futurama

“My favorite track off the EP is “Hazy Love.” With powerful drumming, a growling bass guitar part and a cacophonous crescendo, “Hazy Love” is a dramatic and a striking way to end the EP.”

“The Asteroid Shop – Distant Luxury – These spacey alternative rockers keep their shoegazey edge on this accessible new 4-track EP. Tweet. 1:31pm Aug 13, ...”

“Oh Austin, TX… Let me count the ways I love thee. Not only does Austin have dry desert heat, great food and great beer. Austin obviously has great music festivals....”

“‘Distant Luxury’ The Asteroid Shop (Spectroscopic) 1⁄2 As noted in this space on a handful of occasions, shoegaze rock isn’t my cup of tea. While I understand the appeal of bands like My Bloody Valentine, I find myself getting lost in the distorted guitars and droning riffs. So imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying the latest EP from shoegaze-inspired quintet the Asteroid Shop. The four-track “Distant Luxury” tweaks the formula just enough to maintain my interest throughout the 17-minute running time. Opener “Alone” sets the tone, but it’s the sprawling title track that sets the Asteroid Shop apart from the pack. Remaining tunes “Burn Out” and “Hazy Love” are solid, if not spectacular, but there’s enough here to make we want to hear more from this band. Go figure. ”

“asteroid shop (The Council) With a singer, Eric Brendo (ex-Downtown), who sounds like a dead ringer for Steve Kilbey of The Church, this Austin band proudly straddles the line between dreampop and shoegaze, but with the pedal steel guitar and sense of vast expanses so often appear wielded by Americans occupying that territory. "Ashes" even sounds like a spacey sort of country-rock. It's easy to think that all this stuff sounds the same, but actually, once past the obvious similarities, almost every such band puts its own spin on the general sound, and Asteroid Shop is more distinctive than many. (theasteroidshop.com)”

“The Asteroid Shop plays gauzy, hazy pop-rock that is downheartedly dreamy.”

"Psychedelic and slightly destitute Asteroid Shop is one amazing record worth seeing a psychiatrist about."

"From the big upward-charging chords of "Destroyer" forward, it's pretty clear that Asteroid Shop bandleader Eric Brendo obviously loves his shoegaze-with-an-epic-bent"

"Throughout the album, you’ll immediately pick up on the spacey rock style of Eric Brendo and Co"

"The album’s great listening for a rainy day of deep meditation and existential pondering."

"Listening to The Asteroid Shop’s ‘Dandelion’ is not dissimilar to flying a spaceship into the unknown areas of the cosmos."

"The Asteroid Shop’s self titled debut is going to make a lot of people really happy."


“http://covertcuriosity.blogspot.com/2011/07/rumble-austin.html ”

“http://kut.org/2011/07/the-rumble-austin-tonight-at-beerland-featuring-the-asteroid-shop/ ”